Our vision

The Morris TSA works in collaboration with individuals, schools and strategic partners to achieve our vision for education: that every child, in every school, receives the highest quality teaching, and the richest possible opportunities, to help them become the best that they can be as individuals and members of society.

All of our work is built upon a set of values that provide the foundations for how we work with people. We look to use research and evidence informed approaches to underpin, shape and evaluate all of our professional development, teacher training, and school support; a constant thread that runs alongside this is our commitment to improve professional wellbeing and sustainable workloads.

We recognise that schools and teachers each have their individual identities and we value a culture of collaborative working in all the support and training we offer. We believe that through engaging with stakeholders and collaborating with colleagues and strategic partners, we can drive innovation within the sector. We understand that working together across phases brings cohesion, and believe that as colleagues we have a commitment to ensure a joined up journey of learning for our young people. In all that we do, we value the moral imperative of our profession to achieve our vision for education.

As a Teaching School Alliance we work in different ways to help achieve our vision. We provide teacher training, professional and leadership development, school to school support, and are actively involved in research and development within the sector.